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studio portrait questions

  1. Its most important for making shapes and highlighting certain things on the subject. Another reason is for lighting, its most important so that the pictures don’t come out too light nor too dark.
  2. It determines the contrast and creates depth or dimension. it produces a more even lighting style and brings out details and shapes of a subject.
  3. The different lighting styles are butterfly, split, flat, and loop.
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Career tree

  1. One career I would be interested in is, portrait photography. this one would be fun to do.
  2. They do work in areas of fashion, advertising, or fine art photography. some responsibilities include meeting with clients, scouting and selecting locations, setting up and testing lighting, creating images that capture essence of the subject, photographing events like weddings and parties, developing control.
  3. The average salary in California is 46, 367 per year with a minimum wage of 22 dollars.
  4. Something that interest me is the work, i think it would be fun to take pictures of people because pictures can bring joy to people.
  5. You would need to graduate high school and continue to college and get a master’s degree.
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Studio portraits


Dramatic Hollywood Style Strobe Lighting in Studio

25 words to describe this photo: strong, two-tone, ambitious, critical, personal, good candid, beautiful, spontaneous, stunning, fierce, good lighting, flattering, brilliant, realistic, lively, characteristic, dreamy, incredible, breathtaking, beautiful lighting, wonderful, pretty, extravagant, perfect and realistic, magnificent.

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conceptual portrait


Conceptual: relating to or mental concepts

this photo is a minion cup that i had gotten from universal. I went for my birthday with my family and i saw it and i needed to have it. It is a cute cup and is my favorite character.

it shows that i love to go out and have fun. I love to hang with family and friends. It’s a silly cup and i posted this one because i am known as being goofy by my friends. The minions is one of my favorite movies that i grew up watching and so i thought that maybe this picture would show me.


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Word Art


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geographic covers


National Geographic 813

This one is one of my favorites. I love snow and the reindeer, and these two things put together is so pretty. I really like how there are children, but the main focus is the reindeer.

National Geographic 827

The birds are so cute, I seen this and I knew I had to post this one. This is a very cute cover, and I would want to read something with this color because it as something in it of interest to me.

National Geographic 847

I like the style of this cover; it looks like a painting or carpet. the picture tells a sort of story which is another thing I like about this cover.

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influential images


Moonlight: The Pond, Edward Steichen, 1904

The pond by Edward Steichen is a picture that was taken in 1904nto look like a painting and a picture. I chose this picture because I like the way the lighting is, it is dark but the is so much more to the painting. The way the moon shines in the background allows the trees to stand out. the colors and the reflection in the lake is just beautiful.

Iraqi Girl At Checkpoint, Chris Hondros, 2005

Iraqi girl at checkpoint by Chris Hondros is a picture with a story of a girl who is now an orphan because her parents were shot by U.S soldiers. They feared there would be a suicide bomber or insurgents and instead of checking, they just fired.  this picture was shown to the world and U.S soldiers changed their ways. This picture caught my eye and i chose to write about this picture because it has so much felling into it. Looking at the picture can make you feel sad or sympathetic. This little girl has blood on her, she seen her parents get shot and now lives with this memory that will traumatize her.

Surfing Hippos, Michael Nichols, 2000

Surfing hippos by Michael Nichols. His artwork shows the true beauty of animals when they are untouched and undisturbed by humankind. This picture is so pretty, i love how it shows the hippos and the coloring is perfect.

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I have always wanted to travel but one place I want to visit most is Korea, Seoul. I want to visit all their stores and try new foods. I want to see what it is like over there.

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